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This page contains supplementary files from the stories in the book and on the blog. They are not meant as proof of anything. As we explain in the book, we don’t think that any second-hand evidence can ever ‘prove’ anything to anyone who did not have the personal experience. We simply offer them as support for the stories being told.


Knock response

In the mobile clip you can hear Michael ask any entity present to knock. We heard nothing at the time, but checking recorders later, there was a response in the room directly below us. At 7 sec on the parlor clip, Michael can be heard in the room above asking if someone is knocking. Cameras verified there was no one in the parlor at the time and the sounds were not heard at any other point in the night. Also interesting is that Todd notes the EMF meter dropped at the same time, almost as if something left the room as the knocks were heard below.


Residual activity: Footsteps heard on the floor above us as we investigated a home.

The steps are difficult to hear, but the clip shows our reactions to hearing them. The interesting part about this incident was that recorders in the room above did not capture any sounds.


Heavy footsteps heard while investigating a property in St. Lawrence County July 2012

Described in the chapter on Obsession in the book, p. 97

Note: Neither Steven nor I are moving at all during this time. The sounds are coming from a treeline roughly 25 feet or so from where we are standing.