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The book

The book rocks like Mr. Spock

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This book took shape over many nights spent around a campfire, holed up in tents in the pouring rain, and standing in swamps in all seasons. During this time, we compared notes on our investigations, with a particular interest in how witnesses react to encounters with things that they believe to be impossible.

In these pages, we share our experiences, thoughts, and theories on this phenomenon. This book is more about posing questions than providing answers. We discuss our own field notes and ideas framed in terms that we know. Our goals are to make sense of our own experiences while helping others who have nowhere else to turn.

We invite the reader to sit by the fireside with us, listen to the stories, and join the discussion.


Praise for the Rabbit Hole Experience

These guys are talking about something important that doesn’t get much attention because it only resonates loudly with witnesses and squatchers who really do get action in the field. I know I honestly like a Bigfoot research book if it’s making me want to look at maps of the area.

—Matt Moneymaker Founder, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Few books eloquently explore what happens to those who experience the unexplainable. This one does. Robartes and Conroy reveal the human experience with the otherworldly through real case studies. One doesn't have to believe in the supernatural to appreciate how The Rabbit Hole Experience unveils the transformative experience of wonderment.

—Deonna Kelli Sayed

Author: Paranormal Obsession: America's Fascination with Ghosts & Hauntings, Spooks & Spirits and So You Want To Hunt Ghosts? A Down-To-Earth Guide

You will delight in joining this investigation for you shall live, up close and personal, the chills and excitement these folks have deeply felt in the woods and other byways they have explored. Too often, books sharing the paranormal points of view of Sasquatch hunting hold the readers at arm’s length. That is certainly not true of this text. Come along on the authors’ journey down The Rabbit Hole Experience!

—Loren Coleman Director, International Cryptozoology Museum Portland, Maine

In my twenty-five plus years of writing about things that cannot be explained, I have yet to experience the presence of a ghost, see a UFO, or witness a Bigfoot. If I did, I would imagine it would have a profound psychological impact on my beliefs. In The Rabbit Hole Experience, Paul and Michael have entered that dark area of unreality. They make sense of true-life encounters with some- thing that is not understood. Many of these experiences took place in the New Jersey/New York area, which makes the tone of the book even more frightening and ... weird!

—Mark Sceurman Co-publisher, Weird NJ Magazine

The Rabbit Hole Experience is a dialogue that should be attended by both believers and skeptics: How do we develop a language potent enough to capture the full range of the uncanny? Paul and Michael grapple with the very human experiences of those who’ve confronted something-that-cannot-be-and- yet-seems-to-be.

—Joshua Blu-Buhs

Author: Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend