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Archives of our interviews about the book and the topics of sasquatches and spirits generally.

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Canadian interview, eh?

Michael talks with Rob McConnell on X Zone Radio: 2 October 2018

Archived here

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Michael interviews with Seriah Azkath and Timothy Renner on

Where did the Road Go? 29 Sept. 2018

Archive can be found here


Conroy interviews with Warren Lawrence on WKNY Kingston, NY


Robartes interviews with Mary Jane Popp on KAHI Sacramento, CA

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 11.03.29 AM.png

Conroy and Robartes on Midnight in the Desert 09/15/2018

This was the closest we have gotten to a fireside chat on live radio. A full three hours of great discussion with Tim Weisberg. Archives are by subscription, but these guys do a high-quality and professional show, so well worth supporting.

You can find our archived show here


Conroy interviews with Bruce van Dyke on the WEOL Morning Show. There were some interesting questions asked on this one.


Paul interviews with Bill Cunningham on WLW-Cincinnati

and just because I couldn't resist, below the interview is the discussion between the hosts leading into Conroy's interview. Had me laughing out loud. And gives me great respect for my colleague's professionalism.


Robartes interviews with Ryan Wrecker on KMOX St. Louis

Click here to link


Robartes on Barb Adams Live

Although it may not have aired live, when they went through the audio, Robartes can be heard answering Barb's questions. Click here to link.


Paul Conroy interviews with Frankie Boyer on BizTalk Radio

Paul Conroy's interview with Neale Steele on WXGM August 15 2018