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From one swamp to another


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From one swamp to another

Michael OHara

Paul: I returned home to the Jersey swamp from my venture to Big Cypress swamp in South West Florida last Sunday. Florida is a hotbed of purported Sasquatch activity, and Collier County and the Big Cypress preserve are at the top of the list regarding reports submitted to the BFRO website. As per these reports, I was in the right place.

Big Cyp1.jpg

No sightings, no tracks, no vocalizations, in fact the swamp seemed eerily quiet. Although there were signs of significant foot traffic of Homo sapiens (the least interesting of all of the primates) on most of the trails that I followed, I didn’t see a soul once I departed from my visit to the Skunk Ape Headquarters.

I lived roughly 40 miles to the north of this area for a two-year stint, so I have some familiarity with the swamps of South West Florida. There is something uniquely primitive here. I’m always waiting to find an herbivorous dinosaur grazing in the prairies of sawgrass when I turn a corner on one of the trails. Rich in bio-diversity, alligators AND crocodiles co-exist here, as well as panthers, bears, rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and coral snakes. They all deserve and demand our respect.

They certainly have mine.

Southwest Florida is as good a place as any to look for undiscovered primates. A lush garden all year long with plenty of food sources and space for shy creatures to live.  A good opportunity for thermal imaging here, as the forest often gives way to fields of sawgrass which improve visibility. When it comes to winter “monster” hunting, the Florida swamp is a prime destination. Looking forward to returning with my ghost-hunting amigo Michael Robartes next winter. Read about our last venture together to the southern swamps here.

Now I turn my attention towards our upcoming expedition in late May. We are currently in discussions about potential destinations. Perhaps Northern New York? Maine? Canada? Or a flight on the iron bird out to the Pacific Northwest?

Always in search of the next Rabbit Hole.

Big Cyp2.jpg